About The Artist

Meet The Artist

Treasure LeRoux


Treasure has been working with one form of medium or another since she was in elementary school.  She loves to use multiple mediums in her artwork. Her favorite medium keeps evolving over time.  She has a passion for sentiments and quotes that make people feel happy and she loves sharing them in her work.

Putting positive thoughts and energy out into the world is beyond the best thing she can do for her heart and soul which she works towards accomplishing with each item she makes. She loves buttons, magnets. pendants, ornaments, gems, zipper pulls and so much more that are an awesome way to accomplish this.

Treasure feels that everyone should have a way to spread sparkles, smiles and happiness into the world and she hopes you will help take this opportunity to assist her in spreading random sparkles of kindness far and wide. As she often says, we have enough of the other stuff.