BluSparkle’s Glass Studio

Welcome to BluSparkle's Glass Studio

This is where I spend a lot of quality time playing with glass. I can lose myself in this room for days.

Glass Studio - to the right of the door

1 Glass Studio - Right of the DoorHere you see my grinder, large glass saw for bottles, smaller glass saw for those tight stained glass curves, my needed television with pink dvd player and multiple other essentials.

Glass Studio - across from the door

2 Glass Studio - Across from the DoorHere you see my massive center table where all the magic happens that my husband made for me, a cutting table, my light table in the corner, plus lots of storage everywhere.

Glass Studio - left of the door

3 Glass Studio - Left of the DoorHere you see my large tool box with a set of metal drawers that house all my little glass pieces leftover from stained glass that I use in mosaics, my tumbler, my baby kiln, my large and small torch, plus again, lots of storage nooks and crannies.

Glass Studio - the door corner

4 Glass Studio - DoorHere you see my wall of tools, that cord hanging down is where I plug in my soldering iron or anything else I am working on, to the left of the door is all my bottles of glues, cleaners, patinas, etc., my large pieces of glass hide behind my door waiting for my inspiration, plus, of course, more storage.

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