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Becoming Whole

PuzzleIt is unbelievable to me that today is the seventh of April.  I feel like I have been drifting for such a long period of time trying to figure out why things were not feeling right. Why I kept having this feeling of being broken or some of my pieces were missing.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and finally figured it out.  It is because I am a multifaceted person and was trying to force myself to only work using only one part of who I am.  It kept making me feel incomplete.

So over the next month or so you will see my BluSparkle business reflect all of me. I am not only a life coach (and I still don’t think that is the right term), I am also a glass artist, a writer, a reverend performing weddings and last rites, plus a public speaker.  I don’t know how I will accomplish this yet but soon all my puzzle pieces will be combined together and all of Treasure will be connected. This I believe will help me be better in all facets of my life.

I am always busy on one project or another. Now I won’t have to pick and choose what I can share. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me as I reveal each of the pieces that make me who I am. I am excited to finally bring it all together and hope that along the way it all starts to make sense on why there are so many aspects of me and hope that they all blend well.

This is my latest glass project I am working on.  The base is stained glass with the outside section starting a mosaic design.  I will take more pictures as it grows and becomes the vision in my head.