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Girls Weekend

Shells & Glass
Shells & Glass

This is my latest stained glass piece I am working on during my weekend away from day to day life.

I love look of the sea shells as they surround blue pieces of glass.  I am enjoying using the different mediums of items and merging them together.  I will also be adding a picture in the center of some underwater scene I am working on in my head.

Stained Glass - Mosaic
Stained Glass – Mosaic

Here is the other one I just finished doing mosaic to on the edges. It still has to dry, I have to do the grout and add the words to the center but it is much farther along than the last picture I took.

I am spending 5 days with 15 other women. Most of the others are doing different forms of scrap-booking and it is fun seeing all the creativity going on. Everyone has their unique style and amongst all of the creativity is a lot of laughter and chatter.

I don’t know the majority of these ladies. I have the unique perspective of sitting on the sidelines and seeing the different personalities interact with each other.  This is my second time on this retreat so I at least know some of them a little more than my first time.  There are three ladies here for the first time as well and seeing them blend in is a piece of human nature that most people don’t really pay attention to. For some it can be awkward and for others it is simple and smooth. I am usually one of the awkward ones until I get to know people.  Once I know people I am pretty good but I have to get to know people and their energies before I feel comfortable to interact.

We have snacks galore, many forms of alcoholic drinks, birthday cake, and many homemade meals made by lots of the ladies. We are watching lots of chick flicks, telling funny stories, talking about our kids and grand kids, and sharing interesting things we have all done at one time or another.  We have taken excursions to the hobby and craft stores, stopped at garage sales and enjoyed driving down the dirt roads.

The retreat location we are at the Milton House in Mantorville, MN.  Just outside of Rochester which is where the Mayo Clinic is located. The place used to be a Cheese Factory that started in 1923 where they raised a family of four there as well. It really is a cool looking place. I love the vines that are growing up the sides of the house and I am sure later in the summer they will be full of blooms from bottom to top. I am sure this group will be coming back to this location again.

It is time to make myself another long island iced tea and add more shells to my stained glass piece.

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Becoming Whole

PuzzleIt is unbelievable to me that today is the seventh of April.  I feel like I have been drifting for such a long period of time trying to figure out why things were not feeling right. Why I kept having this feeling of being broken or some of my pieces were missing.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and finally figured it out.  It is because I am a multifaceted person and was trying to force myself to only work using only one part of who I am.  It kept making me feel incomplete.

So over the next month or so you will see my BluSparkle business reflect all of me. I am not only a life coach (and I still don’t think that is the right term), I am also a glass artist, a writer, a reverend performing weddings and last rites, plus a public speaker.  I don’t know how I will accomplish this yet but soon all my puzzle pieces will be combined together and all of Treasure will be connected. This I believe will help me be better in all facets of my life.

I am always busy on one project or another. Now I won’t have to pick and choose what I can share. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me as I reveal each of the pieces that make me who I am. I am excited to finally bring it all together and hope that along the way it all starts to make sense on why there are so many aspects of me and hope that they all blend well.

This is my latest glass project I am working on.  The base is stained glass with the outside section starting a mosaic design.  I will take more pictures as it grows and becomes the vision in my head.