My First Craft Show

2015-11-22 10.34.13Last Sunday, November 22, 2015 I shared BluSparkle with lots of people. It was just a little show to basically ‘get my feet wet’ so to speak. It took A LOT of prep work as I was starting with nothing and wanted t o make sure that the first impression people had of my product was professional.

So I needed the items for the display. The backdrop to hang my glass gems by. The spiiny things (I know that isn’t the technical term) to hang the buttons, magnets, pendants and zipper pulls on. A banner to tell everyone who we are. Flyers, business cards, receipts, cash box, display cards, etc. From nothing to WOW was what I wanted. That takes work, work, work, and I haven’t even started on what I needed for product!!!

I created five of each type of item. That equals 70 sentiments times 5 magnets, 5 pendants, 5 zipper pulls, 5 buttons and then 3 of each for the 4″x4″ beveled gems. Needless to say it was lots of work but I felt awesome accomplishing all of it.

I was terrified to get out there in front of everyone and share BluSparkle. It was like displaying myself naked in front of a bunch of strangers. My creation, my heart, my vision and this is the unveiling to see how the rest of the world (well the little world that came) would think about it.

Turns out everyone LOVED it!  Very exciting!!

Now it is time to start looking for ways to streamline setup and tear down. Then it will be ready to get myself into the next craft show!!