Random Sparkle of Kindness Cards – Classic Edition B

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Random Sparkles of Kindness cards are filled with sentiments to share with others and brighten their day like they did yours.

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"You ... Are Awesome!" - Leave a sparkle for that person that did something incredible for you or when someone should be reminded how special they are.

"You ... Bring Out The Best In Me" - Share this sparkle with friends, mentors, or someone who just makes you laugh.

"You ... Make A Difference" - This sparkle is perfect for teachers, employees or others who too often go unappreciated.

"You ... Make The World A Better Place" - This is the sparkle you give to those who do special things for you or others also for those whose company you simply enjoy.

"You ... (blank)" - A perfect way to share a sparkle in your own words.

"Thank You ... For The Incredible Service" - Say Thank You in a unique way when your wait staff, hair dresser, mail carrier, cashier, dry cleaner, etc. treats you extra special. Leave a sparkle and make their day.

"Thank You ... (blank)" - A great sparkle to share your own words of thanks.

Translucent envelopes - A classy way to share a Random Sparkle of Kindness

BluSparkle Wax Seals - Share a Random Sparkle of Kindness in style with a BluSparkle Wax Seal.


  • 1 "You ... Are Awesome!" card
  • 1 "You ... Bring Out The Best In Me" card
  • 1 "You ... Make A Difference" card
  • 1 "You ... Make The World A Better Place" card
  • 1 "You ... (blank)" card
  • 1 "Thank You ... For The Incredible Service" card
  • 1 "Thank You ... (blank)" card
  • 7 Translucent envelopes
  • 7 BluSparkle Wax Seals

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