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Squeeze the Day Can Koozie

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Koozies keep things ice-cold for even longer, saving you from dreaded warm beers and acting as sweat-proof drink holders all the while. 

  • Our collapsible can koozie are simply filled with functionality for keeping your beverages nice and icy!
  • They are portable and can be carried in your pockets or wallets because they are made of sturdy polyurethane foam.
  • You may use them during crowded family gatherings, barbecues, and tailgating parties because they fit 12oz cans.
  • Because they can keep liquids insulated, they will keep condensation and drips from your beer, soda, and juice cans at bay.
  • These drink holders will keep your hands dry while preventing drips and spillage from other surfaces.
  • Furthermore, the partygoers will be overjoyed to get them as take-home keepsakes from your event.
  • Fits 12oz Cans