About BluSparkle

No Act of Kindness Is Ever Wasted

About Treasure

Treasure, the owner and artist of BluSparkle, has a passion for sentiments and quotes that make people feel happy, silly, or brighter and she loves sharing them in her creations. Putting positive thoughts and energy into the world is beyond the best thing she does for her heart and soul, which she accomplishes by supporting people as they embrace where they are in life. She brings encouragement, kindness, and goodness to those who need a dose of happiness sparkles.


About BluSparkle Awareness

There are days we want to remember in everyone's lives. I am not talking about the happy days of celebration like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. I am talking about the days that have changed lives forever with an intensity that you want to make others aware of what happened. You want a way to start a conversation. You need a way to remember. You have a calling to make a difference. These are the special days where a family member or friend died of suicide, an overdose, a diagnosis or death from cancer or it could be a lost baby to miscarriage. There are many different types of special days in everyone's lives. The Awareness Products will help start that conversation, bring awareness, help remember and will make a difference.

Treasure lost her daughter to suicide in 2008 which ignited the passion to share awareness about suicide, mental illness, grief and all the other important causes. Her passion is strong in helping everyone have a way to share their loved ones with the world. She is adamant about supporting the programs that help find cures and prevent the deaths of others we love. Talking, sharing, and knowing that it is the little things that make the biggest difference. She wants you to share your loved ones with those in your world. Others will benefit from your story. 


About BluSparkle Emporium

Looking for some uplifting, inspirational, funny, sarcastic, or entertaining quotes on a multitude of products; then you found the perfect place to visit. Treasure has some of the best quotes, sayings, messages and captions to inspire you, to draw strength from in the face of adversity, to add laughter to your day, or to motivate you for your next adventure in life. These funny and entertaining messages are on a variety of topics. They can be found on a wide array of products that are great for life, love, work, students, employees, and more. Share them with others or to tickle your funny bone and make you smile.

Life can be tough enough, but our reaction to the hard stuff is what determines our ability to be successful in our lives helps with our attitude. A little sparkle makes everything just a little better. Well Treasure definitely believes this.

Treasure is an artist at heart and is always creating in a multitude of mediums. One-of-a-kind pieces are an incredible joy to make. She is always open to working with her customers to make sure they get what they need to spread their sparkle. If you see a previous item that resonates with you, reach out to Treasure and she will design something similar for you or if you have a message you want to share, design it together. The options are endless.


About BluSparkle Crafty Treasures

Treasure loves to spread the message of crafting fun that you will find in many of these designs. 

As a travel crafter (when she is taking a break), she brings a multitude of supplies with her to her escape events. To make the escape a little easier, BluSparkle has created many unique products to organize and transport the supplies from one place to another.