McJingles Elf Challenge

May is McJingles Elf's month and he is super excited to share his challenge with you!

McJingles Elf is challenging you to share why you like BluSparkle on any social media outlet. Include a link to and a hashtag #blusparklemciingleself. This challenge is good thru May 25th, 2022.  

Earn a point for each social media post you share. Each point gets you closer towards earning a free 2022 BluSparkle limited-edition ornament. Earn 22 points by Dec.10th, 2022, and a BluSparkle hand crafted ornament will be yours for your holiday tree!

One of my fellow elves will send a new challenge next month! Are we having fun yet?

P.S. Don't forget the hashtag, that is how your points are counted!

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