Mood Matchers

Mood Matchers

The Mood Matcher Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant Base with Design Crowns are the best way to showcase your personality, a special occasion, your children or grandchildren, your logo, your significant other, your cause, it is open to what your imagination can come up with!! Simply swap out the design crowns to reflect your message and highlight how cool and unique you are!

Switch out the Design Crown to match your mood, your outfit, or the occasion. It will go with anything! So versatile. Wedding, kids sports event, anniversary, vacation! The ideas are endless!

Select the Mood Matcher Design Crowns that will fit the Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant Base you selected. Two Mood Matcher Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant Base sizes available, 1" or 1.25".

You don't even need a magnet on your Design Crown because the Mood Matcher Interchangeable Magnetic Pendant base has the magnet encased in the bottom.

These make the perfect gifts that keep on giving. Get the base and continue to surprise the recipient with multiple crowns!! Awesome for teens, friends, family members, bridesmaids, employees, or a special treat for yourself!