Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Fundraiser

I advocate for animals because they are feeling beings just as you & I.

I am the author of the blog Animals Are Feeling Beings Too where I advocate for animals in written posts and graphics. I am so excited to be able to use some of these graphics for this fundraiser.

I have chosen to raise money for RedRover Readers/RedRover because I believe what they are doing helps animals (& people) in so many ways.  RedRover Readers is a learning program that teaches children empathy for animals. I use their curriculum myself and I created one of the graphics in this fundraiser with this program in mind.

Children are ours and the animal’s future. When you teach children kindness for animals, they will also grow up to be kind to humans. RedRover helps provide veterinary care for animals in need, steps in to help animals in crisis, and helps domestic violence victims get out of these dangerous situations by providing a safe place for them and their pets who are also victims.

The purple ribbon graphic in this fundraiser was designed to bring awareness to the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. 

$5 from each item purchased via this fundraiser will be donated to RedReaders/RedRover on behalf of Animals are Feeling Beings Too. Take this opportunity to get your gear and advocate for the fight for the humane treatment of animals and the prevention of their suffering.

Thank you for your support!