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Pocket Hugs from Heaven

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This gift is a perfect reminder of someone who has transitioned to heaven. A message of love from a lost loved one for their family and friends to give them a reminder of their love. Give those that need a reminder a virtual hug to let them know you care! A hug from heaven is a perfect item to be held in your pocket or your hand for when a little reminder is needed!

Made of stainless steel and resin. 1.25" x 1.25".

Comes with an exquisite poem and it is ready to give!

Time doesn’t heal the heartache 
Or stop the silent tears, 
Or take away the memories 
We’ve made throughout the years. 
But every time you miss me 
Although we are apart, 
Just squeeze this hug from heaven 
And hold me in your heart. 


Option1: Basic
Option2: Basic with inclusion
Option3: Photo
Option4: Photo with inclusion


You can send in items that are flat and the size of a quarter or smaller, such as your loved one's ashes, a piece of clothing, pets' fur or whiskers. If you select 'with inclusion' BluSparkle will send you an address to send your inclusion item too.

Each item is handmade just for you based on your specifications. Please allow 2 weeks for the creation process prior to shipping.