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Rainbow Gemstone LGBTQ+ Pride Diffuser Bracelet

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Our rainbow gemstone LGBTQ+ pride bracelet supports the promotion & self-affirmation, dignity & increased visibility for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, non-binary, and transgender community. This natural gemstone bracelet is unisex and can be sized for men, women, bi-sexual, non-binary, and those who are transgender.  

This healing gemstone bracelet has a LGBTQ+ rainbow of colorful gemstones. The band is an array of black lava stones that absorb essential oils creating a delightful diffuser bracelet. Wear the rainbow with pride, rainbow colors include red jasper, chalcedony, citrine, malachite, blue apatite, & amethyst. 

Natural gemstones representing the colors of the rainbow include:

  • Red for Life represented by RED JASPER - Enhances courage, vitality, unity, balance, confidence & energy.
  • Orange for Healing represented by CHALCEDONY - Promotes creativity, protects against stress and anxiety.
  • Yellow for Sunlight represented by CITRINE - Use in meditation, associated with prosperity & good luck.
  • Green for Nature represented by MALACHITE - Helps with spiritual growth and enlightenment, boosts mental clarity, protects against negative energy.
  • Blue for Serenity represented by BLUE APATITE – Helps improve focus, concentration & reduce hyperactivity.
  • Purple for Spirit represented by AMETHYST - A stone of spirituality, higher consciousness, and supernatural wisdom. It calms the mind, brings peace & balance. Promotes healing on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual.

 Our bracelets are handmadeeach bracelet is made to order.  

  • Our bracelets are constructed with special purpose elastic thread, manufactured for strength and longevity when used with beaded bracelets. 
  • To prolong the life of your bracelet please roll it on & off and keep it out of water if possible.
  • It is recommended that you keep your gemstones dry. After cleansing and cleaning your gemstones they should be gently patted with a soft cloth and allowed to dry before wearing on the skin.

Please ensure that you measure your wrist. All our bracelets are handmade to the wrist measurements you select.

When you receive your bracelet take care when placing it on to your wrist.  Ideally the bracelet should simply be slipped on to your hand and rolled on to the wrist. When removing your bracelet simply do the reverse and roll off, thereby minimizing any stretching by just pulling it off the wrist.


Each item is handmade. Please allow 5-7 business days for creation.

We love to create! Do you have something different on your mind? Let us know... we might be able to create it for you!

Please remember handmade items may differ slightly from one piece to the next. These are individually made not mass produced.

Please feel free to ask questions.